Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BB15-Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman racist comments get her fired!

BB15 -Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman  racist comments get her fired!

Big Brother 15 reality show contestant Gina Marie Zimmerman has been living up to her last  name over the past week when she was caught on Big Brothers live internet

feeds making racial slurs and statements about multiple house guest.  Some of her insults include but are not limited to, Candice is on the dark side because she is already dark.

Candice's  gets that"blackness". and that she needs to take it down 50 fucking notches because she ain't shit.

Candice had that black thing going.

Telling Nick that the way that Candice speaks is fake because she talks too white.

Candice and Howard will stick together because they are black. They are tokens.

She also began speaking about weaves and being ghetto, then proceeded to stare at Candice.

And in a conversation with Andy and Nick she stated that she makes less than $25,000 a year, therfore she receives "nigger insurance". But not like what "they" get.

And that's just what she had to say about black people!

So far she has had these comments to make about Asian house guest Helen.

She wants Helen to kiss her and the other house guests asses and make some rice.

And finally, when Andy said that he wanted to punch Helen in the face, she replied, "maybe it will make her eyes straight".

Gina has been fired from her job as a pageant coordinator for East Coast USA Pageant since making these statements.