Friday, August 16, 2013

Big Brother 15 - BB15- Amanda Zuckerman faced racism when she was black for 2 days!

Big Brother 15 - BB15- Amanda Zuckerman faced racism when she was black for 2 days!



I look at Big Brother as a peer into the psyche of average American's, as well as a big social experiment . To see what people will do for money in a stressful situation where it seems like you have all of the time in the world to think and minimum time to react. It's like a real life video game! Without special powers! Just, "cheesy twists"!

Big Brother 15 cast member, Amanda Joy Zuckerman lost a VETO competition recently on the hit CBS show, and had to face a punishment that cut deep. Skin deep! The only kind of brown that Amanda likes is brown dick! She may hate the site of melanin (outside of penis) with a passion! However Amanda herself was forced by production to walk around, "black" for a couple of days!
She was forced to undergo many spray tanning sessions, so many that she was the darkest complected person in the house by several shades!

In the 2 days that Amanda went, "black", she endured pregnancy rumors. Rumors that she may be fired from her job and her alleged "babies daddy", Pizza delivery boy, McCrae Olson, began rejecting her! They postponed their wedding, the relationship became rocky. And he even had thoughts of walking out on her! Could it be that pizza boy was concerned about the stereotype that 'blacks don't tip"? Who knows!

What does all of this prove? It just goes to show that it's hard out there for a sista like Amanda Zuckerman!  Her skin was brown for 2 days and the world came down on her! Keep your head up, and stay black! Hotep!

Did you notice Amanda's downward spiral when she became black? Am I just seeing shit? Let me know what you think!