Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kenya Moore fight with Matt Jordan hits the internet! HOT Reality TV star accuses boyfriend of being violent! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 drama continues!

(Note, Matt is innocent unless PROVEN guilty! Don't believe everything you read!)

thekenyamooreThere were no cameras around in Mexico when the door was kicked in and police escorted him out. There were no cameras the now FOUR times my home was vandalized. There were no cameras filming when my neighbors called 911. There were no cameras filming when the Vegas hotel kicked him out for being violent and destroying the hotel room. There were no cameras around when I posted bail, paid for tickets, back owed rent to keep from being evicted, or never left his side when he cried in my arms to take him back countless times. And there were no cameras around when he got arrested for a felony last month (for the 4th time in a year) tazed, handcuffed and fled on foot. There were no cameras when he was banned from filming because of his violence.

I'm not playing the victim. I'm fighting back. I Will not continue to be abused by someone who now wants to exploit something I was accused of 5 years ago by a scorned lover as payback to hurt me to justify violent his behavior.
The only thing Matt is guilty of is acting a fool. Yet to continue to abuse me by claiming to be an actor is a joke.

I guess your new side piece, the $100k poor man's version of a woman is lying about the steroids she bought you too... or the part about sex without condoms#bitchbye
#IWillNeverBeLiedOnAgain #receipts#NotToday #IAmMyOwnStoryline#HeNeededMe
#BitchesBeLike #OneStoryOneTruth

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