Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yandy Smith Harris & Mendeecees Harris are not married? Media Take Out says NOPE! FAKE MARRIAGE! - Love and Hip Hop New York Season 7 star rumor!

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: just confirmed that Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris are NOT married.
You’ll recall that two years ago, Yandy and Medeeces were married on live TV – on the hit VH1 show Love And Hip Hop. Well it turns out that the marriage was NOT legal. spoke with people close to production who assure us that nothing about Yandy and Mendeeces love was fake. So then why did they FAKE the marriage?
Well some are speculating that Yandy deliberately kept her name off of the marriage certificate so that their assets would never be joined and any baby mamas to approach Yandy looking for money from Mendeecees while he was in prison would be unable to claim it.
But others are saying that Yandy was not willing to MARRY a man who is going to jail for life – and tie up all her assets with him. And that she was pressured into getting married for the show.
Either way you put it – we can confirm that the pair are NOT married."

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