Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kenya Moore fight with Sherree Whitfield over Domestic Violence! - Twirl Goddess says she is a victim of ex boyfriend! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 news!

  • thekenyamooreSHAME on you SHEREE!
    Sheree tried to antagonize me about Matt. "Matt is breaking your windows". We all saw Sheree bring up Matt breaking my windows. No woman should be blamed for a man being violent or accused of provoking a man. A woman who had been abused before should know better than to say something that ignorant and ruthless.

    I've been very open from my season 1 that I have been abused at the age of 16. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.
    These girls will do anything to slander me and turn the clear truth into a hateful lie.
    I pray for Sheree because it is clear she is so obsessed with me she will say and do anything. Rewind. The truth is in black and white

    And didn't she pull #kimzolciak wig? Or point fingers in my face and @neneleakes... right
    #alternativefacts #rhoa

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