Saturday, February 4, 2017

Oxygen cancels The Bad Girls Club Season 18, Sisterhood of Hip Hop and more! Oxygen Network to become a crime TV. network! Fight TV is done! Say bye to dimes that MADE the network like the Clermont Twins!

SEXY ASS Identical twin sisters, Shannon and Shannade Clermont! (The Clermont twins)
Stars of The Bad Girls Club Season 14 on Oxygen!

Well, I guess the heifer named Tamara Powell who wanted the show Bad Girls Club to get cancelled so badly she created a petition (link below) got her wish!

According to the good people at Deadline, Oxygen is CANCELLING The Bad Girls Club, Sisterhood of Hip Hop etc. and re-branding themselves as a Crime show Network!

(Related news link below! In 2016 news sites such as TV Series Finale reported The Bad Girls Club was renewed for Season 18! Oh well! 17 seasons of women fighting, acting like animals was enough!
good fucking ridden! Sorry to say it, I know people are going to have to find a new job behind the scenes, or possibly in other industries. But this show was just pathetic!)

Let me know what you think about it all below!
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