Saturday, June 17, 2017

Is Marc Daly Kenya Moore's husband? Soco restaurant (Brooklyn New York) owner allegedly married The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 star!

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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE:We’ve Got ALL THE TEA On Atlanta Housewives Kenya Moore’s NEW HUSBAND . . . He’s HANDSOME . . . SUCCESSFUL . . . And ‘CONTROVERSIAL’!!! (PICS Of Dude)

: did some digging on Atlanta Housewife Kanye Moore’s new husband – and we got some details on him.
First off, Kenya’s new hubby’s name is Marc Daly and he is the Owner of SoCoBK a trendy BROOKLYN NY restaurant. He used to own another restaurant in New York, but he and his partner had a falling out – and that’s where the CONTROVERSY about Marc comes in.
During the breakup of Marc’s former partnerships there were a lot of ACCUSATIONS being thrown at him – which we can’t repeat for now. But it suffices to say that there are some people who DO NOT think highly of Marc and his business practices.
Anyways – Marc is a former investment banker and would SHUT DOWN the back of his restaurant – so that Kenya could eat in peace.
They had a whirlwind romance and now he and Kenya are man and wife.
As reported, Kenya and Marc do NOT want to discuss their marriage on camera for the upcoming Housewives season.

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