Monday, July 17, 2017

Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni finished filming movie about her life! Guns, clown masks and more! PURGE STYLE film coming soon!

Tokyo Toni finished filming movie about her... by meetmagazinevideo

  • the_realest_bitch_eva We just finished filming for my movie it's my life and it's my time. This is a film based on Washington DC from 1975 to the present through my eyes. This movie will highlight everything from us being a homophobic society to get acceptance!! I will feature everything that goes on in your neighbors house such as alcoholism sexual abuse abortion success adoption religion and everything else. Hollywood did not walk DC streets I did!! I could never tell me what went on because they were there I know exactly what went on because I was there. It will show how crack cocaine came into the neighborhood and how it devastated families I will show the drugs the murders everything will be in this movie as well as things that are happening today. This film will be out January 1, 2018 thank you

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